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Redoxis AB (RDX)

Redoxis AB (RDX)

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Organizational Activities

Redoxis is a research company with research facilities and personnel specialised at preclinical research, immunology and in vivo studies. The goal of Redoxis research is to identify key targets of molecular and immunological regulation of autoimmunity to develop new therapies. At the stage of late preclinical research, drug safety documentation and clinical trial the projects will need additional resources. Hence, projects that are successfully developed to late preclinical stage will be transferred to larger Biotech companies or subsidiary copanies with VC funding for further development in collaboration with Redoxis.

Redoxis main competence is within gene expression analyses, target validation in vitro and in vivo, Medicinal Chemistry and drug development. Redoxis has a well-organized research group with focus on validation of novel targets and drug candidates with all required ethical permissions, standardised methods and reporting structures. Redoxis has the in house capacity to perform high throughput screening with downstream medicinal chemistry and in vitro and in vivo validation to develop novel candidates for treatment of autoimmunity from target to preclinical safety documentation and IND filing.

Role in the Project

Key Personnel

Malin Hultqvist holds an MSc in Biology and a Ph.D. in Medicine from the University of Lund in Sweden. Dr. Hultqvist is co-author of 20 research publications and co-inventor of two patent applications. After dissertation in 2007, Malin performed a post doc period at Lund University and was in 2008 recruited as project leader to Redoxis and in 2010 Head of Redoxis Research and in vivo Department.


Peter Olofsson holds an MSc in Biology, a Ph.D. in Medicine from the University of Lund in Sweden and a Master degree in Business Administration from School of economics and law. Dr. Olofsson is co-author of 29 research publications and co-inventor of four different patent applications. After dissertation in 2003, Peter worked as project leader at the research company Arexis AB and during 2006-2007 as project leader at the public research company Biovitrum. In 2007, Peter was the cofounder of Redoxis and has since then been the CEO operational manager of Redoxis. Peter is currently board member of Redoxis AB and the subsidiary company ProNoxis AB.