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National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

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Organizational Activities

The University of Athens, founded in 1837, is the oldest University in the Balkan region. It is heavily involved in educational and research activities, with 2,200 academic and 1,500 administrative staff members, 125,000 students. It consists of 31 Departments, 158 Laboratories and 69 Clinics covering a broad range of disciplines. The Pharmacology Department has a 20 year history in neurobiological studies of animal models and well established neurochemical, neurobiological, endocrinological and pharmacological approaches. Dr Sanoudou’s laboratory is focusing on genomics and molecular biology studies using cutting-edge along with classical molecular biology approaches.

UOA will undertake all the transcriptomic studies for the mouse models included in NEURINOX (WP4), using cutting-edge whole transcriptome microarray technologies in combination with latest bioinformatical approaches and molecular validation methodologies. All these approaches are well established and extensively used by Dr Sanoudou for over 10 years, in the context of a wide range of European, national as well as transatlantic projects related to disease pathogenesis, therapeutic target identification and pharmacogenomics.

Role in the Project

Key Personnel

Despina Sanoudou Ph.D. FACMG CIbiol, Assistant Professor: BSc Molecular Biology, University of Hertfordshire (UK); PhD Department of Pathology University of Cambridge (UK). Post-doctoral fellow and Instructor in Genomics at the Department of Genetics, Children's Hospital Boston and the Department of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School (USA). Dr Sanoudou has 47 articles published in PubMed, over 100 abstracts at international and national conferences, over 950 citations of her work by others (source: ISI), and an “H index” = 16 (source: Scopus). She has given over 100 invited lectures internationally and supervised 25 post-doctoral fellows, PhD, MSc and undergraduate students. She is an expert in Genomics and Pharmacogenomics focusing on the characterisation of molecular disease pathogenesis and therapeutic target identification. She has received multiple research awards including the UNESCO award for young women in science, the European Society for Human Genetics and the March of Dimes Foundation (U.S.A.). Recipient and Reviewer of FP6 and FP7 project grants.