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Universita Degli Studi di Torino

Universita Degli Studi di Torino

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Organizational Activities

The University of Torino (UT), founded in 1404, is a major high studies organization, ranging first in Italy for scientific and education production. It includes 55 Departments organized in 13 Faculties, encompassing Human and Biological Sciences, 4 Interfaculties Schools and several centers for advanced studies. 2100 lecturers provide one of the broadest range of subjects and courses among Italian Universities. UT international reputation is based on groundbreaking research, particularly in molecular biology, brain research and human sciences. The Torino ALS Center (CRESLA) provides excellence both in basic and clinical research, while at the same time is a reference center for the care of ALS patients. It follows about 200 patients each year, both from its catchment area (the Piemonte region) and from throughout Italy. The CRESLA, which has a diagnostic neuropathology laboratory and a molecular genetics laboratory, is clinically based in the San Giovanni Battista Hospital of Torino, the second largest hospital in Italy.

In the last decade, the CRESLA has participated to 5 large international randomized clinical trials on innovative drugs in ALS. Moreover, the CRESLA has sponsored and 3 national multicenter trials, including one phase I-II trial (granulocyte colony stimulating factor, STEMALS) and two phase II trials (lithium carbonate, LITALS; alfa-lipoic acid, ALALS) and is co-sponsoring another phase I-II trial (Cy+HSCT-ALS002), which is currently under approval by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità. The center is able to design and carry on both phase I-II and phase II trials, and includes a data manager and a statistical branch.

Role in the Project

Key Personnel

Adriano Chiò, Associate Professor of Neurology of the Medical Faculty, Department of Neuroscience University of Torino. He is clinical researcher at the Department of Neuroscience in Torino. Main fields of research: epidemiological, clinical, pathological, psychological, and genetic aspects of ALS and other MNDs.

He has been involved in the designing and conduction of several phase I-II and phase II clinical trials on ALS (90), (91) (92)  (92), including some designed and conducted by Torino ALS Center (93) (94) (95) Globally, he has authored or co-authored 145 full papers in international indexed peer-reviewed journals (total impact factor [2009], ≥725).


Andrea Calvo, Research Assistant in ALS Clinical trials.