Educational material

The section here below aims at explaining Neurinox concepts in an educational way.

  • NEURINOX Graphic Novel "Out of the blue" including a very comprehensive presentation on the brain inflammation given by the scientist to the high school students.
  • Its French version is now available !

  • 2016 Presentation from Prof K.H. Krause, Univ. of Geneva - "Parkinson, Alzheimer, and amyotrophic lateral
    sclerosis, multiple sclerosis : inflammation of the brain?”
    ": Extracted from the NEURINOX Graphic Novel.


Here you can download Powerpoint presentations on different methods and technologies used by NEURINOX partners and presentations made by invited speakers.


  • 2014 Presentation from Dr Tamara Seredenina, Univ. of Geneva - "The role of NOX enzymes in the CNS":
    Click here
  • 2014 Presentation from Dr Gus Maghzal, Victor Chang, Cardiac Research Institute - "Oxidative stress":
    Click here
  • 2014 Presentation from Dr Andrea Calvo, University of Turino - "Als From clinic to therapy":
    Click here for the Part 1 of the presentation
    Click here for the Part 2 of the presentation
  • 2014 Presentation from Prof. Tomas Olsson, Karolinska Institutet - "Genes & Lifestyle in MS": Click here
  • 2014 Presentation from Dr Silvio Weber, Technische University, Dresden -
    "Project Management in Scientific Research": Click here
  • 2013 Presentation from Prof. Roland Stocker, University of Sydney - "Studying oxidative stress": Click here
  • 2012 Presentation from Dr Despina Sanoudou, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens - "Transcriptomics": Click here


The following link helps understand Epilepsy :